NiNi Miss Sexy Baby 30/30 Day Dream

to the quiet brunette with the giants wings

you sung me songs and mixed words with feelings

to the point that they’re now forever entangled

and i don’t ever wish to free them

you spun me a web made of love

and we baked banana bread dreams

amidst forests of setting suns and moons 

unaware we wouldn’t be there forever

to the quiet brunette with the eyes of fire

you can change minds with those eyes

move mountains with those hands 

and since not everyone was blessed to see your wings

you patiently wait

and you’re always prepared for take off

and even if from afar i can see your magic

as free as they come you were meant to soar

you aren’t just destined for greatness

you’re destined for more

quiet girl with the brown hair with red highlights

your wingspan is forever 

and your hand print is right here

with my ribcage to protect it

never be afraid to leap

i can catch you from here

goodbye little bird

fly little bird.

and I wonder, if you know:


what it means ?

that the words my mouth can’t profess, my eyes confess -

that the stature of my ability has oppressed, 

neglected to the extent of which only salty tears can talk;

where this bow placed on the my head, isn’t an accessory,

but something less of me, a sparkly distraction to tell you its okay;

because we all know that these short skirts, flashy lights, and tainted lips are an attempt

to bring something back that we once missed. 

Poem 23: Instead Of


Instead of :

Instead of smiling


Go about the insufferable day

With your irises stuck like stubborn gum

To the ground.

Throw your limbs around

Like they don’t belong to you

Throw a party


(Bring Your Own Half Empty Glass)

Invite everyone to come

Without their knowing


Throw your thoughts to the sun

And complain when it blinds you

Don’t ask any questions

Freeze heart strings for a better day

Don’t take anything away from anywhere

Don’t be amazed by anything

Except the scratches on your cheeks and nose

when they meet rough stucco walls.


Poem 22: For Nini Shy-Shy. I love you.



We’ll make it through this together:

One box,

100 generic tissues,

And our faucet of influenza.

Cardboard spring pansy faces stare back at us

With Alice in Wonderland smirks.


Poem 21: Maybe you weren’t me

Maybe you weren’t me

Maybe, all those July starscapes,

Our bare legs sticking to the still hot concrete curb

Our shoelaces in the gutter

Scared of 18


We weren’t actually talking about the same thing.

Maybe you never got my word boats

Maybe I never got your chalk trains, tangerine and

Glow pink in this silly mind of mine

Maybe you could have been anyone,

Rubber flats hugging the curb

Waiting to get on


Untitled Track 1




save me for a rainy day,

a beautiful song you listen to,

loved but not played

tucked away inside cracked cedar chests

rusty hinged creaks

like godparents hand-knit harvest gold

muddied retro-grade crocheted blankets

you only remember

when the leaves change,

the teething winter solstice weeps from the farewell of the sun

it’s tears tap at your window pane

wrap me around


longing lonely for warmth’s embrace against skin


One of my most intimate heart songs for years

the first song my band will cover, dedicated to all my thwarted romantic pursuits and my NiNis <3 

I’ve lately needed it’s affirmation <3

Love me or leave me
But please
Don’t deceive me
And say you
Love me how I am
You love the way
I fit some ideal
Not the real woman
You’ve yet to understand
See love ain’t all heaven
And I am no angel
But I do the best I can

You always wanted
Something more from my body
And said you needed
Something more from my loving
But all you got was me
And that’s all that I can be
I’m sorry if it let you down



Darkly sardonic geek girl FTWW!!



i wanna write about manic pixie dream girl.

motives & thoughts

my next poem will be about sexual coercion. it will be called euphemisms. 

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